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Blind Spot (Hardcover)


Blind Spot shines a light on one of the most concerning trends Gallup has found -- the global rise of unhappiness and how leaders missed it -- and what leaders can do to can address it.

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Benefits of Blind Spot:

  • fascinating examples of how, where and why leaders missed the global rise of unhappiness
  • a deeper understanding of what makes a great life
  • compelling Gallup findings on the emotional state of the world, including where the world is suffering most and where it can improve
  • recommendations for how leaders can reverse the decade-long trend of rising global misery
  • powerful personal stories and life evaluations from people around the world
  • insights into how Gallup collects wellbeing and happiness data worldwide

Product Details

If you feel like the world is getting more negative, you’re right.

People are reporting more stress, sadness, physical pain, worry and anger than at any point in the history of Gallup’s tracking.

And it’s not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Negative emotions have been rising for a decade.

Traditional economic indicators are important for leaders to track. But because leaders have relied too much on the economic transactions of life, they didn’t see the growing misery all around them.

How Is Your Life Going?

Gallup has been asking the world’s citizens this question since 2006. After more than 5 million interviews, we know how people’s lives are going from their perspective.

Read the Wall Street Journal bestseller Blind Spot to learn more about the new global inequality of wellbeing, the serious outcomes of unhappiness and other powerful findings from Gallup’s global research, including:

  • 3.3 billion people want a great job, but only 300 million have one.
  • 2 billion people are struggling on their current income.
  • Over 1 billion people are so dissatisfied with their community that they want to leave it forever.
  • 3 in 10 people worldwide experienced food insecurity in 2020.
  • Over 300 million people don’t have a single friend.

How People Feel Matters

Private and public sector leaders have the power to improve how people’s lives are going. They just need to start paying attention to how people feel.

With powerful personal stories and compelling data from Gallup’s World Poll, Blind Spot outlines the indicators leaders need to watch so they are never again surprised by rising negative emotions.

This is the first step to curbing the rise of global misery.

What's Included

Filled with captivating global research findings and informative graphics and charts, Blind Spot has five main sections:

The Leadership Blind Spot: Happiness and Wellbeing

Global leaders have relied too heavily on objective indicators to the detriment of their constituencies. The book begins with examples of countries where their economies were growing but the subjective wellbeing of their citizens was declining -- in some cases, dramatically.

Addressing the Blind Spot: Measuring Happiness and Wellbeing

The second part of the book offers a solution: Global leaders should closely follow wellbeing and happiness metrics to better understand how people's lives are going. Gallup has produced global statistics for wellbeing and happiness since 2006, and these metrics perfectly complement the objective indicators for human development that leaders already follow so closely.

What Makes a Great Life?

Wellbeing and happiness metrics have helped us better understand what makes a great life. The third part of the book highlights the five elements of wellbeing and where the world is struggling most in each of them.

Four Unanswered Questions

The fourth part of the book poses four questions from Gallup’s wellbeing research that continue to confound experts. This section outlines what we have discovered and offers possible explanations.

What Leaders Can Do to Improve How People’s Lives Are Going

The fifth part of the book gives public and private sector leaders recommendations on what they can do to improve people's wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book include any Gallup assessments?

No. This book does not include any assessments.

Who is this book for?

While Blind Spot is a fascinating read for anyone, the book is written primarily for leaders -- from leaders of governments and corporations to communities and workplaces. The book stresses the need for leaders everywhere to start paying attention to emotional and behavioral indicators as much as they watch traditional economic indicators.

How long has Gallup been tracking global happiness?

Gallup began conducting global research on subjective wellbeing -- or happiness -- in 2006. That year, we started tracking how people’s lives were going in as many countries as possible and began producing global statistics for wellbeing and happiness. Learn more about Gallup’s official statistics for global wellbeing in our Global Happiness Center.


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