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CliftonStrengths for Sales


The CliftonStrengths for Sales report helps salespeople see how their innate talents contribute to greater success in their sales role. Get your top 10 themes, personalized reports, sales-specific insights and more when you complete the CliftonStrengths assessment.

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Benefits of CliftonStrengths for Sales:

  • Improved awareness of your innate talents from discovering your top 10 themes: You will learn about how you naturally excel and become more aware of how those themes connect to your role.
  • Strengthened relationships with customers, prospects and colleagues: Your role isn’t just about selling -- it’s about creating and sustaining quality relationships. Your strongest themes will help you do that.
  • Increased confidence in your ability to sell: Those who know what makes them different can find ways to incorporate their talents into their sales role, leading to even greater success.

Product Details

The CliftonStrengths for Sales report includes the top 10 themes in your talent profile based on your responses to the CliftonStrengths assessment.

The report features sections about how your strengths can help you succeed and how they may get in the way of your success. These components of self-discovery are for more than just awareness. They will help you navigate the sales tasks, customer conversations and revenue outcomes you’re investing in daily.

With tactical action items and reflection questions to help form stronger awareness of yourself, the CliftonStrengths for Sales report will be the tool you need to achieve sales excellence.

What Do I Get?

  • Sales-specific theme descriptions
  • How each theme contributes to your success
  • How each theme might get in the way of your success
  • Action items that will increase your sales effectiveness
  • Reflection questions you can come back to time and again
  • A resource built to help you achieve your greatest goals

The CliftonStrengths for Sales report is a tool that you can use to tie your unique strengths to the daily tasks in your role.

*The CliftonStrengths for Sales report is brand new, and its content is unique and differs from our book Strengths Based Selling.

What's Included

CliftonStrengths for Sales includes an access code you can use to complete the CliftonStrengths online talent assessment and unlock your personalized reports and other strengths-based development materials, including:

CliftonStrengths for Sales Report

The CliftonStrengths for Sales report features your top 10 themes and includes sales-specific content and actions you need to put those themes to use and succeed in your role.

Strengths Insight Guide

Get an in-depth analysis of your top five CliftonStrengths themes. Unique to your CliftonStrengths profile, this report describes who you are in astonishing detail and explains what makes you stand out.

Your Signature Themes Report

This report lists full descriptions of your top five CliftonStrengths themes -- your Signature Themes -- so you can quickly reference your most dominant talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between the CliftonStrengths for Sales report and the Strengths Based Selling book?

Yes, these are separate products with different content. The CliftonStrengths for Sales report is filled with sales-specific statements for each of your top 10 themes. The book Strengths Based Selling offers a non-theme-specific approach to becoming the best salesperson you can be.

Whom is the CliftonStrengths for Sales report for?

This report is intended for business-to-business salespeople but is also highly applicable to business-to-customer sales roles. The sales-specific theme content is general enough to be used in any sales role while still offering detailed insights and opportunities to grow and succeed.

Can I get access to the CliftonStrengths for Sales report by purchasing the Strengths Based Selling book?

Strengths Based Selling includes a code at the back of the book that unlocks our standard top five reporting, not a code that unlocks this new CliftonStrengths for Sales report. While these resources are distinctly different, they work well together as sources for learning and coaching.

How is CliftonStrengths for Sales different than CliftonStrengths 34?

The content within the sales report is completely different from the CliftonStrengths 34 report. CliftonStrengths 34 provides personalized insights into your strengths as an individual without anything specific to your role, while the sales report content was made for the role of a salesperson.

If I already have my strengths, is there a discount for this report?

There is not a discount for the CliftonStrengths for Sales report if you have already taken the assessment and have access to your top five or CliftonStrengths 34.

What if I have already taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and have other reports?

You do not need to retake the CliftonStrengths assessment. After you purchase the CliftonStrengths for Sales report, you will receive a code to redeem, which adds this new report to your existing Gallup Access account. Even if you only have your top five, your 10 most dominant themes will be revealed in the CliftonStrengths for Sales report.

How long does it take to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment?

The CliftonStrengths assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, on average.

Is the CliftonStrengths assessment timed?

Yes. The CliftonStrengths assessment asks you to choose between two paired statements, with 177 total statement pairs. For each statement pair, you have 20 seconds to respond. This time limit and your unfamiliarity with the statements ensure the assessment’s accuracy by reducing the likelihood that you will overthink your responses.

Individuals with a reading impairment can call Gallup Customer Support at 1-888-561-5270 to have the assessment timer disabled.

What language is the CliftonStrengths for Sales report available in?

This report is available in English.

How do I distribute the CliftonStrengths access codes I purchased for multiple people?

You can distribute the access codes you purchased for others in a variety of ways through our platform’s code-management dashboard. You can invite individuals to complete their assessment by sending them an email from the system, or you can export a CSV file containing a unique, one-time-use code to send to each individual.

CliftonStrengths for Sales