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Leadership Power Pack


Get the discoveries and insights you need to become a more effective leader -- based on decades of research into leadership excellence -- with this powerful collection of Gallup bestsellers in the Leadership Power Pack.

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Leaders need the right tools to engage employees, build a great workplace culture, and meet the demands and challenges of today’s dynamic workforce.

That's why Gallup created the Leadership Power Pack.

Solve Your Most Pressing Problems

Gallup’s world-class advice empowers you to maximize human potential and lead effectively in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

This collection of bestselling books gives you insights into:

  • discoveries from Gallup’s largest study on the future of work
  • developing your own strengths -- and those of your employees
  • increasing employee engagement throughout your organization
  • decades of research about the power of positive psychology
  • stories from the world's greatest managers and leaders

You won’t find another resource that can have a more powerful impact on driving real business outcomes and your organization’s long-term success.

Gallup's Leadership Power Pack has the potential to transform how you lead.

What's Included

The Leadership Power Pack includes five of Gallup’s most compelling business bestsellers that will empower you to be a more effective leader.

The collection includes:

It’s the Manager

While the world’s workplace has been going through historic change, the practice of management has been stuck in time for decades. It's the Manager equips your managers with 52 of Gallup's greatest discoveries from decades of research into the science of management and the future of work -- breakthroughs that link to real business outcomes.

It’s the Manager includes access to the CliftonStrengths assessment and supplemental content on Gallup Access.

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StrengthsFinder 2.0

StrengthsFinder 2.0, the bestselling business book ever, introduces you to the power and potential of strengths. Loaded with hundreds of strategies for applying your strengths, this book will change how you understand yourself -- and the world around you.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 includes access to the CliftonStrengths assessment.

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How Full Is Your Bucket? Expanded Anniversary Edition

Organized around the metaphor of a dipper and a bucket and grounded in 50 years of research on the effects of positive and negative emotions, How Full Is Your Bucket? shows you how to increase the positive moments at work and in life while reducing the negative.

How Full Is Your Bucket? includes access to the CliftonStrengths assessment.

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First, Break All the Rules

First, Break All the Rules is the management classic that established the science of employee engagement. Gallup’s 2016 re-release of this innovative bestseller includes updated meta-analytic research that links employee engagement and organizational outcomes. Learn how to create the kind of workplace that attracts, develops and keeps the best employees while improving performance and profitability.

First, Break All the Rules includes access to the CliftonStrengths assessment and to Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey.

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Strengths Based Leadership

Gallup studied more than 1 million work teams, conducted over 20,000 in-depth interviews with leaders and even interviewed more than 10,000 followers around the world to ask why they followed the most important leader in their life. Gallup reveals the results of this research in Strengths Based Leadership. With firsthand accounts from effective leaders and actionable ideas, this book will give you a road map for leading people toward a better future.

Strengths Based Leadership includes access to the CliftonStrengths assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the books in the Leadership Power Pack include access codes for Gallup assessments?

Yes. All the books in the Leadership Power Pack come with a unique access code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment.

It’s the Manager also includes supplemental content on Gallup Access.

First, Break All the Rules also includes access to Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey.

How will I receive my access code(s)?

When you purchase a physical book that includes an access code(s), you can find your access code(s) in a sealed packet in the back of the book. The packet includes your unique access code(s) and instructions for how to redeem your code(s) and take the online assessment(s). You will not receive any access codes digitally when you purchase a hardcopy version of a book because all codes are delivered to you in the sealed packet.

What do I do if I need a CliftonStrengths access code immediately and cannot wait for my Leadership Power Pack to arrive?

You can purchase CliftonStrengths Top 5 or CliftonStrengths 34. Access codes for both of these products are delivered digitally.

How much do I save when I buy the Leadership Power Pack versus buying each book individually?

When you purchase the Leadership Power Pack, you save 35% compared with purchasing each book individually.


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Leadership Power Pack