Wellbeing at Work

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Wellbeing at Work shows leaders and managers how to address the mental health crisis and improve wellbeing where these efforts have the greatest impact -- the workplace.

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The next global crisis is already here.

With one-third of Americans showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression and roughly seven in 10 people globally struggling or suffering, the world is experiencing a mental health pandemic.

Add physical health and social crises as well as economic uncertainty, and it’s clear that increasing resilience and improving wellbeing and mental health in the workplace is more critical than ever.

Your Guide to Building a Resilient and Thriving Culture

Do you know how many employees in your organization are suffering? Struggling? Thriving?

Based on more than 100 million Gallup global interviews, Wall Street Journal bestseller Wellbeing at Work shows leaders and managers why supporting mental health and wellbeing and cultivating resilience is so important right now. You’ll discover:

  • how to go beyond just focusing on performance to measuring and improving employee wellbeing
  • a new metric to report a person’s best possible life: Gallup Net Thriving; just as stock price is an indicator of current and future earnings, Gallup Net Thriving assesses your workforce’s current and future resiliency
  • the five key elements of wellbeing -- career, social, financial, physical and community -- and why career wellbeing is the most important element and the foundation of the best possible life
  • the four biggest risks to a thriving organizational culture
  • the four things followers need from you during a crisis or major disruption
  • why employee engagement is essential for a thriving and resilient culture
  • why CliftonStrengths makes wellbeing work and how to help your employees use their talents and strengths to thrive

If you and your leaders don’t change the world, who will?

What's Included

In a world where work and life are blended more than ever, maximizing employee wellbeing is essential.

Wellbeing at Work includes resources to help you lead and inspire during a crisis, a major disruption or times of organizational change. And these resources are all backed by decades of Gallup research into wellbeing, strengths and human potential.

Every new copy of Wellbeing at Work includes:

  • one unique access code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment; after you complete the assessment, you’ll get personalized results and reports
  • wellbeing insights and action items for each of the 34 CliftonStrengths
  • a manager’s guide to improving individual and team wellbeing
  • action items to increase individual and organizational wellbeing for each of the five elements
  • technical reports detailing Gallup’s extensive research into wellbeing and employee engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book include any assessments?

Yes. This book includes a unique access code for the CliftonStrengths assessment for one individual use.

How will I receive my access code?

When you purchase a physical book that includes an access code(s), you can find your access code(s) in a sealed packet in the back of the book. The packet includes your unique access code(s) and instructions for how to redeem your code(s) and take the online assessment(s). You will not receive any access codes digitally when you purchase a hardcopy version of a book because all codes are delivered to you in the sealed packet.

What do I do if I need a CliftonStrengths access code immediately and cannot wait for my book to arrive?

You can purchase CliftonStrengths Top 5 or CliftonStrengths 34. Access codes for both of these products are delivered digitally.


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Wellbeing at Work
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