Driving Employee Engagement Workbook


Develop high-performing and engaged teams using research-based principles for understanding, measuring and creating employee engagement in this essential management resource.

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Benefits of the Driving Employee Engagement Workbook

With this workbook, you’ll get:

  • a clear research-based foundation about what employee engagement is -- and its importance to team performance, productivity and success
  • a management framework that focuses on the 12 essential elements of employee engagement, with a description for each one
  • unique ideas for how to have powerful conversations with your team that will reveal and address barriers to engagement -- and how they are tied to your team’s key performance outcomes

Product Details

Engagement isn’t a one-time event. It’s part of everyday business.

Building an engaged team is a continuous process, and the best managers view all meetings, activities and work demands through the lens of engagement.

Engage. Develop. Thrive.

To help employees reach their full potential and deliver the highest individual and team performance, managers need to connect with their teams and have ongoing engagement-focused conversations.

The Driving Employee Engagement Workbook helps you understand engagement and its connection to business and performance outcomes, measure your team’s engagement, and build engaged teams.

When you can understand and measure employee engagement, you can create a workplace where employees thrive and business booms.

What's Included

The Driving Employee Engagement Workbook is for managers who need a clear and concise employee engagement curriculum.

Full of activities and tips for understanding, applying and integrating employee engagement, this workbook is a powerful reference you'll use again and again.

Along with a detailed appendix for how to read your Q12 survey results, the workbook includes three sections:

Understanding Engagement

Why does employee engagement matter to your workplace? Gallup’s extensive research into the relationship between employee engagement and business outcomes shows you why.

Measuring Engagement

Learn the 12 elements that the best managers use to create and sustain engagement. Your employees’ responses to Gallup’s Q12 survey are the best way to measure engagement in your workplace.

Creating Engagement

As a manager, you have the greatest effect on your employees’ engagement. Find out how to analyze and use your team’s Q12 results, and get tips for how to have meaningful engagement conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this workbook available digitally?

Yes. The Driving Employee Engagement Workbook is also available digitally.

What is the difference between the Driving Employee Engagement Workbook and the Building Accountability for Engagement Workbook?

The Driving Employee Engagement Workbook is for managers who need a concise employee engagement curriculum. This workbook helps you understand engagement, describes how to measure team engagement, and discusses how you can build engaged workplaces and teams.

The Building Accountability for Engagement Workbook is for managers who want to deepen and sustain a culture of engagement for their team. It will help you understand your team’s changing engagement results; lead more purposeful, engaging conversations; and build accountability for engagement from each member of your team.


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Driving Employee Engagement Workbook