Teach With Your Strengths

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Find out what sets great teachers apart, and discover your own talents as a teacher with Teach With Your Strengths.

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What Do Great Teachers Do Differently?

As an educator, you may ask yourself this question all the time. Or you may know the answer but are struggling in an environment that just doesn't appreciate great teaching.

Whatever the case, educators -- and American society in general -- have long worried about the lack of great teaching. That is why for decades, Gallup has directed the leading thinkers in education and psychology to find out what makes a teacher great.

Mountains of research point to this remarkable fact: While their styles and approaches may differ, all great teachers make the most of their natural talents.

Here's something else: Great teachers don't strive to be well-rounded. They know that "fixing their weaknesses" doesn't work. It only produces mediocrity. Worse, it diverts time and attention from what they naturally do well.

Motivate and Engage Your Students

In Teach With Your Strengths, you'll hear from great teachers, many of whom reveal their unorthodox -- and sure to be controversial -- approaches.

And, you’ll learn more about yourself -- why you are who you are as a person and as a teacher -- when you take the CliftonStrengths assessment. Teach With Your Strengths includes an access code to complete the online assessment.

With insights from 40 years of research into great teaching, this groundbreaking book will not only help you discover your innate talents as a teacher, it will show you how to liberate those talents to inspire the next generation of students.

What's Included

Every new copy of Teach With Your Strengths includes:
A CliftonStrengths Access Code

This unique access code allows you to take the CliftonStrengths assessment. After taking the assessment, you will get personalized reports and access to resources that will help you better understand your unique talents.

Real-World Ideas for Applying Your Strengths

Teach With Your Strengths includes a chapter that lists all 34 CliftonStrengths themes of talent, as well as action items written specifically for educators. You’ll also read stories from great teachers: What they do differently, how they handle problem students, how they battle school bureaucracies, and how they break through and inspire even the most troubled young people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book come with a CliftonStrengths assessment?

Yes. This book includes a unique access code to take the CliftonStrengths assessment.

How will I receive my access code?

When you purchase a physical book that includes an access code(s), you can find your access code(s) in a sealed packet in the back of the book. The packet includes your unique access code(s) and instructions for how to redeem your code(s) and take the online assessment(s). You will not receive any access codes digitally when you purchase a hardcopy version of a book because all codes are delivered to you in the sealed packet.

What do I do if I need a CliftonStrengths access code immediately and cannot wait for my book to arrive?

You can purchase CliftonStrengths Top 5 or CliftonStrengths 34. Access codes for both of these products are delivered digitally.


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Teach With Your Strengths
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