Motivation Cards

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Master the art of motivation when you know what is uniquely meaningful to each member of your team. Use Motivation Cards in group exercises to understand individual motivational needs and to improve engagement, performance and recognition.

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Benefits of Motivation Cards

Motivation Cards will help you:

  • discover what is important to yourself and others
  • increase meaningful and individualized recognition
  • encourage people to perform at their best
  • enhance strengths-based discussions
  • improve engagement

Product Details

Everyone is motivated in their own way. What is meaningful to one person may not be valuable to the next.

Motivation Cards help you and your team members identify the factors that motivate you as individuals. These cards make it easy for people to understand, clarify and discuss what motivates them most and why.

Everyone Needs Something Different

Each Motivation Card displays a different motivator. Sort through the cards to determine which ones are important -- and which are not. Written in positive, clear language, Motivation Cards stimulate thinking and increase meaningful recognition among team members.

Managers: Learn how to praise, encourage and recognize your team members in just the right way.

Coaches: Discover and discuss what uniquely motivates each of your clients.

Individuals: Perform at your best when you embrace what drives you.

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What's Included

When you purchase Motivation Cards, you’ll get a set of 45 cards including instructions for using them in a team activity.

Each card displays a different motivating action or behavior. Team members rate and rank how important each one is to them.

By discussing their top motivators and why they are important, team members become more aware of what is valuable to them and others -- and more likely to acknowledge excellence and celebrate success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to use these cards?

No. While you certainly can use these cards in strengths-based discussions and activities, you do not need to have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to benefit from them.

Are the Motivation Cards available in a digital format?

No. While the Motivation Cards are not currently available in a digital format, we hope to release a digital format in the future.

Will the Motivation Cards reveal my talents?

These cards are designed to prompt you to think about and discuss what uniquely motivates you, not to reveal your talents. They are meant for self-directed and facilitator-directed activities and conversations. Gallup’s research-backed talent assessment -- the CliftonStrengths assessment -- will reveal your talents and what you naturally do best.


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Motivation Cards