Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (Print)

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Maximize your team's performance and manage at your best with this kit built on Gallup's extensive research.

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Benefits of the Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (Print)

Featuring hundreds of pages of proven solutions, this kit will help you:

  • tap into your team's natural talents
  • eliminate performance barriers using ongoing coaching conversations
  • accelerate performance development by creating a cultural shift in how people work -- and how they work together
  • examine elements that are vital to building employee engagement and understand the impact these elements have on performance
  • learn strategies to gain insights and build trust on teams
  • lead effective conversations with employees and teams to help them appreciate their talents and achieve success

Product Details

As a manager, you have the greatest influence on your organization’s growth.

You are responsible for creating an engaged, committed team and for holding your employees accountable for their performance.

The Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (formerly Managing for Engagement Kit) is a vital tool you can use to equip and inspire your team and improve performance.

Develop Strengths

Understand your own talents and strengths to be a more effective manager. Then, help your employees discover, develop and use their unique strengths for greater team engagement, productivity and performance.

Focus on Engagement

High-performance managers increase productivity and success by leading with a focus on employee engagement.

The most effective managers understand that the more they do for their people, the more successful they will become.

Improve Performance

Based on decades of Gallup research, analytics and consulting experience detailing what the greatest managers do differently to improve performance, this kit teaches you how to integrate Gallup’s robust findings into your own approach.

For managers who are looking for the tools and techniques they need to manage performance using strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-oriented methods, this is the perfect resource.

With these proven solutions, you can confidently help your team learn, grow, develop and succeed.

What's Included

The Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (Print) gives you the tools and resources you need to focus on engagement and improve performance by leading with your strengths and maximizing individual and team productivity.

The kit comes in an attractive, sturdy tote and includes instructions for navigating the kit and its contents, including:

Introduction to Employee Engagement Guidebook

This guidebook introduces you to the 12 elements that have a powerful influence on employee engagement, as revealed by decades of Gallup science and research.

Learn how these 12 elements can help you build trust among your employees, cultivate high-performance thoughts and actions, and create a highly engaged and resilient team.

Introduction to Strengths-Based Management Guidebook

As a manager, you want strategies that will help your employees learn, grow and succeed. This guidebook presents the principles of strengths-based management that the most effective managers and teams use to harness employees’ strengths for greater productivity and performance.

Managing for Engagement Resource Guide

To help you refine your approach to leading a high-performance team, this comprehensive guide focuses on strengths and engagement.

The first part of the guide teaches you how to use your strengths to individualize how you effectively manage others based on their specific talents. Learn more about the 34 CliftonStrengths themes, and get ideas for actions you can take to boost engagement.

The second part of the guide goes into detail for each of the 12 elements of engagement. Accelerate team engagement by knowing what actions to take and how to involve your team, ask better questions and listen effectively to what your employees are saying.

Engaging Conversations for Individuals and Teams Guide (With Binder)

Great conversations are one of the most important and effective tools you can use to improve engagement. Use this guide to keep engagement conversations alive with individual employees and your entire team.

To help you prepare, lead and take action on your insights, you’ll go step by step through the most important individual and team conversations:

  • Understand and Appreciate Strengths to acknowledge the individual and collective strengths of your team.
  • Build Engagement and Collaboration to create engaged employees who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and who make positive contributions.
  • Drive Performance to clarify performance expectations and help employees recognize, develop and use their individual and team strengths to accomplish goals.
  • State of the Team to assess your team’s current state of engagement and lead team members to take action to realize their performance goals.
Additional Tools and Resources
  • Individual Conversations Packet: the Individual Conversations guide and Strengths Profile tool from the Engaging Conversations for Individuals and Teams Guide
  • Engagement Posters: colorful posters to build excitement about engagement initiatives and to increase participation in your Q12 survey
  • Understanding Your Q12 Results: easy-to-follow tool that provides an overview of how to read and understand your Q12 survey results and what you should do after the survey
  • Managing for Engagement USB drive: USB flash drive with digital versions of many of the resources and tools included in the kit materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this kit available digitally?

Yes. This kit is also available in a digital format (U.S. English only). Please note: The digital format of this kit is called Boss to Coach Kit (Digital).

Do I need to have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to use this kit?

Yes. We recommend that managers and the people they coach complete the CliftonStrengths assessment to get the most benefit from the conversations and activities in the Leading High-Performance Teams Kit. The CliftonStrengths assessment must be purchased separately.

What resources and materials are on the USB flash drive?

The USB flash drive for the Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (Print) contains the following materials:

  • Individual Conversations Guide
  • Performance Orientation Tool
  • Build Engagement and Collaboration Team Tool
  • Drive Performance Team Tool
  • Understand and Appreciate Strengths Team Tool
  • Q12 Survey Implementation Guide
  • State of the Team Tool
  • State of the American Workplace Report 2013
  • State of the Global Workplace Report 2013
  • Complete the Survey Poster (Writeable)
  • It's Coming! Poster (Standard and Writeable) (11 x 17 inches)
  • It's Here! Poster (Standard and Writeable) (11 x 17 inches)
  • Understanding Your Q12 Results Poster (11 x 17 inches)


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Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (Print)