Ressourcen-Leitfaden für emotionale Bindung (5er-Paket)

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Engaged employees perform better and improve business outcomes. Each Engagement Resource Guide in this bundle gives you the tools and support you need to create an engaged team.

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Benefits of the Engagement Resource Guide (Bundle of 5)

The research and tools in these guides will help you:

  • improve engagement and individual and team performance
  • ask your employees better questions
  • actively listen to what your employees are saying


As a manager, you are uniquely positioned to influence and inspire your team’s engagement.

Managers create high engagement levels over time by continuously focusing on their employees’ changing workplace needs.

Find out what the best managers use to create and sustain engagement with Gallup’s Engagement Resource Guides.

The 12 Elements of Engagement

Gallup’s research has identified 12 elements that exist in every high-performing work environment -- the Q12.

Learn more about the Q12 employee engagement survey and how each of the 12 elements of engagement can affect individual and team performance.

This bundle of five guides is for leaders, managers or coaches who want to share this essential resource with their teams.


Each Engagement Resource Guide in this bundle of five gives you a complete breakdown of each of the Q12 elements of engagement.

For each element, you’ll get:

  • compelling findings from Gallup’s research
  • insights for identifying opportunities for improvement
  • discussion topics for engaging conversations
  • best practices for becoming a more effective manager

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Are these guides available digitally?

The Engagement Resource Guides are available in a digital format for corporate purchase only. They are not currently available for individual purchase, but we hope to make them available online in the future.

What is the difference between the Engagement Resource Guides and the Driving Employee Engagement Workbook?

The Engagement Resource Guides are a reference for the 12 elements of engagement. The guides provide a complete breakdown of each element, insights for identifying improvement opportunities, discussion topics to influence workplace engagement and best practices for becoming a more effective manager.

The Driving Employee Engagement Workbook is for managers who need a concise employee engagement curriculum. This workbook helps you understand engagement, describes how to measure team engagement, and discusses how you can build engaging workplaces and teams.

Ressourcen-Leitfaden für emotionale Bindung (5er-Paket)
€ 54,00