Resources for Educators and Students

Give students strengths-based tools for success in and out of the classroom.

Gallup has solutions for individual students and educators who want to develop their full potential and strategies to transform entire schools, districts, universities and institutions.

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To develop thriving students and engaged schools, start with talent.

Gallup's talent assessments give students, faculty, staff and leaders the freedom to focus on what they naturally do best -- their greatest source of potential.

Our assessments can transform your students' learning experience and create thriving and engaged schools. And they equip faculty, staff and leaders with the self-awareness they need to succeed in their role.

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Explore books that help educators create transformational learning experiences.

Whether you are teaching a small group of students, mentoring college freshmen, or instituting department- or campus-wide initiatives, Gallup books give you the resources, techniques and inspiration you need to succeed.

Learning Tools & Materials

Empower your students and staff with Gallup’s learning resources.

Gallup’s learning tools and materials -- from kits to cards to curricula -- are for educators, principals, superintendents and school leaders who want to empower teachers and faculty to use their talents to create thriving classrooms.

Get hundreds of pages of inspiration as well as practical, hands-on resources you can use today to cultivate an exceptional student experience.